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Together We Bloom is a community-based, pediatric speech-language pathology practice run by Kim Takacs, MS, CCC-SLP. This in-home practice focuses on fostering communication and feeding development together with the child and caregivers in a compassionate, playful, and supportive environment. 

In this way, we can all grow and flourish together; I truly believe that together we bloom.  

Kim Takacs, MS, CCC-SLP



New Jersey Licensed, ASHA Certified 

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"Kim is amazing.  She worked with my daughter on ‘making the sounds come out her mouth' for four years - B. was born with a cleft lip and palate, and Kim began working with her at 18 months when she could only say a handful of words - and Kim kept her speech development absolutely on track the whole time.  Kim makes speech so fun, and is so genuinely caring, that she became one of the grown ups my daughter feels closest to and a huge favorite among my daughter’s friends at daycare (one of whom also worked with her). Kim also brilliantly identified that the tiniest bit of turbulence my daughter still has is structural, well before the cleft palate team did - but she sounds so great that there’s no need for surgery on it.  We feel very lucky to have worked with her, and miss her!" ~D 

"She makes it fun for kids!" ~ B (age 5) 

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